Jam Club Initial Meeting 1/13/2020

At the initial meeting we discussed the rent, the parking lot attendant as required by the rental agreement, and housekeeping. We hired a parking attendant for the initial meeting, and we kept that same person on the clock to assist with housekeeping. Covering the expense of the hall rental, attended parking, and returning the hall in it's pre-event condition, is currently our only approved agenda.

We viewed the ledger, for tracking the money.

We talked about how we take a member's idea through the process to bring it to a vote.

1. Any agenda that creates a workload, must also explain how it will be covered.

2. Any agenda that creates a plan to spend, must also include a plan to first raise at least that much money.

3. Agendas must be inclusive of all members, and should be aligned with the general mission.

Those 3 rules will be referred to as the "bi-laws," and can not be changed.

We did not end up voting on any ideas, because none of the ideas were complete with solutions for covering budget or workload, as required by the bi-laws.

We discussed the possibility of having members volunteer as our parking attendant at future meetings. One benefit is saving money. One drawback is the person watching the parking could not also be attending the meeting or jam. If there were enough volunteers, we could take turns.

We discussed the possibility of adding simple amenities, like providing coffee and water to our members during the meetings. We did not make a plan to fund that idea.

We discussed the idea of membership drives. One idea was to charge more, for a single membership drive event, and include a show in the upper ballroom. Including a dinner and coctails, for an additional premium, was an extension of that same idea.

We discussed recruitment, because we'll need more members to make the Jam Club idea financially viable in the long term. Members that were present volunteered individually.

We discussed having food trucks present, but we recognize that we need more participants to attract that sort of vendor.