Jam Club


We'll start with just one pre-approved agenda: The club has an interest free initial loan of $2400 to cover rent, and the commitments included in the rental agreement for one year. We'll pay $100 per month for the hall. We also must provide a parking attendant during the event, and return the hall in it's pre-event condition. We will allot an additional $100, to pay for those services.

If volunteers cover the workload, we will not have to spend to hire out.

The money came from me, Dan Murphy, and it will be my name on the lease. I intend to turn over the club to it's own direction, once I'm paid back.

Until the initial loan is repaid, I will act as the club's president. Due to my personal investment and guarantee, I will retain the power of veto, which can not be overturned. I will not have special rule making power, but I can suggest agendas and cast one vote like any other member. The club members should suggest and approve an agenda that defines the way the club will be managed after I am paid back.