Jam Club


2. Any agenda that creates a plan to spend, must also include a plan to first raise at least that much money.

If the proposed agenda has a plan to cover it's own expenses, we can vote on that agenda. If the agenda is approved, we can start fundraising. Once we have the money, we can spend it. If we are making a financial commitment to a recurring expense, we need to have the funds for the entire commitment. For example, if we are getting a year's subscription to internet service for $80/month, we need $960. 

What about things that repeat, but don't have an end?

The agenda will need to define a period for which the funding is approved, then define the means of obtaining the entire sum of money.

What if someone wants to loan us the money to cover it?

An agenda that suggests taking a loan needs to have a well defined way of repaying the loan. If a personal guarantee is required, which person will sign? What specific income would be used to repay the loan? Money can not be redirected from other approved agendas.

What if we want to hire someone?

BI-LAW #1 would require us to define who gets the job before we could vote on that. Club members or non-members can be hired by the club.