Jam Club


3. Agendas must be inclusive of all members, and should be aligned with the general mission.

To be inclusive means to not exclude any of our members. This may apply to politics, religion, and issues of race or sexuality. We're not in this club because of our differences, but because we share a common interest. Let's stick close to music.

The mission of the club is to establish and encourage a culture of mutual benefit between music lovers, musicians, venue owners, and production professionals.

Mutual benefit means everybody gains from the situation. Lots of debate goes into the relative value of money, stage time, experience, talent, and draw. It may take a lot of communication for us all to understand the other perspectives involved. Musicians have to put in a lot of work to hone their craft. Venue owners have to take a lot of risks to provide a place for live music. Less visible production professionals are essential to ensuring the quality of any performance, but are often overlooked. Music lovers want to enjoy the music, and the environment created at a live show.

Nobody wants to feel like they are giving something and getting nothing.

Absolutely everyone pays for a show. Even time spent is an investment. We all just want the return to feel like it was worth it at the end of it all.

This bi-law is abstract, and the members may approve an agenda to better define it for specific applications.