Welcome to the Stockton Jam Club!

Dan Murphy - Administrator:

We will be holding a members only meeting, on the 2nd Monday of each month, 6-9pm, starting January 13th, 2020, at The Philomaethian Hall, in Stockton.

click here to read about the first meeting (1/13/2020)

The mission of the club is to establish and encourage a culture of mutual benefit between musicians, venue owners, production professionals, and music fans


Annual Membership - $20

1 Night Trial Membership - $5

At each meeting, we'll sign up to jam, and briefly discuss the club's business.

We'll have a mic, monitor, and PA set up. You can add stuff for the jam.
The board can take 16 inputs (XLR or 1/4") and has 6TRS AUX sends for added monitors. Bring your instruments, amps, and any additional mics or monitors. We'll have plenty of room for gear.

The club has not yet approved financing for snacks or refreshments. Nothing will be for sale. You may bring your own. Clean up any mess you make. Adults may consume their own alcohol, but it has to stay in the building. No smoking is permitted inside the building.

After the meeting, we'll jam! The sign up sheet will help us take turns.

For the club business portion of our time:
Members will be updated on the club's present agendas and finances.
Members can then suggest new agendas, and vote on them.

Member agendas can be as simple as calling it something better than Stockton Jam Club, but can also be a more complex plan like throwing a festival.

There are just a few bi-laws, to help the club become self directed

1. Any agenda that creates a workload, must also explain how it will be covered.

2. Any agenda that creates a plan to spend, must also include a plan to first raise at least that much money.

3. Agendas must be inclusive of all members, and should be aligned with the general mission.

Club members can decide, by vote, to make rules or change anything about how the club operates, EXCEPT THOSE 3 BI-LAWS.

What agendas does the club have to start?

The 3 commitments we have are:

Rent, Security, and Housekeeping.

Membership income will go to those commitments. What to do once we've paid for that, will be up to members to decide by vote.

read more about AGENDA #1

Can agendas be changed?

Sometimes plans fail. Members can suggest and approve an agenda, that cancels a previously approved agenda, and redirects it's funds.